We'd really appreciate your vote for Room 24 as "Best U-18 Band" in The Austin Chronicle's Music Poll. We came in #9 last year, and we love what we're doing and achieving even more since then. THANKS!

A little of what we were up to in 2014.  And a lot more good music to come in 2015.

Andy Cooper, James Caton, and Michael Cooper make up Room 24, an alt-rock/alt-metal 3-piece out of Austin, Texas that was voted among the top 10 "Best U18 Bands" in The Austin Chronicle's 2013-2014 Austin Music Awards poll, and won Jam Fest 2014. New EP coming in early 2015.

Room 24 is clearly influenced by Incubus, Deftones, and Foo Fighters, but they consider their music best described as “melodic alternative” rock. The 3-piece strives for a sound that never reduces to instruments playing only conventional chords and expected progressions. They are, instead, naturally inclined to create a layered, textured sound of full melodic lines and harmonic structures. The result is music that is creatively much greater than the sum of just 3 individual parts.


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We hope you'll take a few minutes to have a listen to our first EP, Again, a self-produced project that gave us our first experience in a recording studio.
We've just started work on our follow-up EP, this time to be produced by noted drummer and music producer, Brian Sebastian.
You're welcome to download Again - for free! There are even a couple of bonus materials you get when you do.

Where we're gigging

Heart of Texas Rockfest

 —  —

7th & Neches, Austin, TX


Room 24 has been selected to perform at Rockfest 2015! Additional details on exact venue, date, and time will be posted as it's announced.