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We hope you'll take a few minutes to have a listen to our first EP, Again, a self-produced project that gave us our first experience in a recording studio.
We've just started work on our follow-up EP, this time to be produced by noted drummer and music producer, Brian Sebastian.
You're welcome to download Again - for free! There are even a couple of bonus materials you get when you do.

Andy Cooper, James Caton, and Michael Cooper make up Room 24, an alt rock 3-piece out of Austin, Texas that was voted among the top 10 "Best U18 Bands" in The Austin Chronicle's 2013-2014 Austin Music Awards poll, and won Jam Fest 2014.

Brothers and founding Room 24 band members, Andy (guitar, vocals) and Michael (drums, vocals), have studied music for 14 years between them, and have gigged together in the band for over 2 years. The original, alternative rock songs they write reflect musical influences from Incubus, Foo Fighters, and Jimi Hendrix’s guitar soloing. 

It was John Moyer, bassist for the Grammy-nominated band, Disturbed, and owner and director of Natural Ear School of Music, who first arranged for Andy and Michael to combine their talents into a successful, gigging band under the direction and mentoring of music director, Jacob Gonzales. While with Natural Ear Music, Andy and Michael became friends with fellow student, James, who would periodically get together with them to jam just for fun. 

As with many bands, Room 24 has undergone band member changes, starting first as a 4-piece, then paring down to a 3-piece. Over the summer of 2014, however, Andy and Michael felt further changes with the band, although difficult, were necessary to challenge themselves to achieve new levels with their music. It turned out their friend, James, was ready to take on a new musical challenge as well and joined Room 24 as the band’s new bass player.

It’s evident that this new combination of band members is a genuine success. Room 24 performs at various live music venues in and around Austin, San Marcos, Dallas, and Houston. They just released their first EP, Again, and have already started work on their next EP, to be produced by Brian Sebastian. The band is also looking forward to their first professional music video being filmed soon.


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Where we're gigging

Jam Fest 2015

The Belmont, 305 W. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701


As part of Jam Fest 2015, Room 24 will play to entertain the crowd while the judges deliberate all the great, U18 talent that will be competing at this fundraiser.